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QuinTron's products are considered the gold-standard in hydrogen/methane breath tests are the #1 recommended breath test kit globally!

OVER 1 MILLIONbreath tests have performed using QuinTron’s breath kits and analyzers, QuinTron's breath testing kits and analyzers are the preferred method to collect and analyze breath samples for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Lactose Intolerance/Malabsorption, Fructose Intolerance/Malabsorption and Sucrose Intolerance/Deficiency testing. CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR TEST TODAY!

QuinTron's patented breath collection systems quickly and easily allows you to collect breath samples in the privacy and comfort of your home, work, school or anywhere you feel best. Once you have completed the breath sample collections, simply place the vials back into the protective packaging, affix the prepaid shipping label and send the box back to the facility for analysis. Once samples are received in house, each breath sample will be analyzed for levels of Hydrogen, Methane and Carbon Dioxide.  You will receive results from the analysis within 2 business days. 

After you receive the results from your breath test, you should discuss any potential treatments and additional lifestyle recommendations with your medical professional.

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Breath Tests by themselves are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any diseases or conditions. Consideration from patient history and other medical conditions should be reviewed by a medical professional for any further treatment plans or dietary changes.